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**Only available for delivery in BT29, BT41 & BT42 unless previously agreed with Wholesome-NI**


Try this delicious treat bundle bringing together the finest local produce, ideal for hosting a dinner party with friends, or for a quiet night in for 2. The smoked salmon and focaccia are perfect for a starter, and the fantastic local brie with chutney are excellent for a cheese treat for afters. 


Smoked salmon from Belfast’s oldest fishmonger.

Ewing’s seafood is a family run business that’s been supplying fresh fish throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland since 1911.


This delicious smoked salmon is a favourite among many Michelin starred chefs and is widely regarded as the best in the world. Beautifully smoked, dense, and moist with a soft mellow flavour it really is the best of the best.

The fish is sourced from superior farmed salmon from the pristine waters and fast flowing tides of Northern Ireland's Antrim and Scottish coasts.

Using a 100-year-old Ewing family recipe, the fish is cured and smoked over smouldering oak and beech wood for a distinctive soft, mellow flavour.


A decadent Single Cream Brie from County Armagh based Ballylisk dairies.

This single herd white mould single cream Brie is mellow and creamy with a ripe aroma.

It is a must for any cheese board and goes extremely well with the delicious balsamic chutney's and onion jam that we stock.

The Wright family have been farming their land near Portadown for generations. Uniquely, the company only processes milk produced on the farm which is just a few miles down the road from where the cheese is made.                   

Ballylisk cheese is part of a food chain which begins and ends on their farm. The grass is eaten by their pedigree cows and their milk makes the cheese. Therefore, the team has total control over its entire operation, from ‘farm to fork’. All produce is branded ‘Ballylisk of Armagh’.


Superb Chutney, Onion Jam or Sweet Onion Relish made using the most delicious infusions of fruit and herbs.   


Delicious spiced Balsamic Onion Jam goes very well stirred into a gravy to add a rich flavour, great in sandwiches and of course with cheese!


Sweet Onion Relish and Farmhouse Chutney from Sperrin Mountain based Dart Mountain.


This Relish is the ideal accompaniment to enjoy with a cheeseboard. It is made with Bramley apples from County Armagh and goes well on a nice burger off the BBQ or along with a Sourdough cheese toastie.

The Farmhouse Chutney goes really well with a cheeseboard or with cold cuts of meat.  It is a chunky chutney packed with home grown vegetables that has a subtle spiciness, it is also great added to an omelette or as a dip for nachos.


This delicious Italian bread from Zac’s Bakehouse is a Focaccia bread made with a blend of organic flours, water, and salt.


This Italian style flatbread is finished with Maldon salt and olive oil.

Try this Focaccia Italian bread as a pre-dinner nibble, or for a snack round the table with friends. As a side it is great warmed in the oven and then as a side with pasta dishes, dipped in soup, served with salad or even just simply with butter!


Zac’s Bakehouse proudly remains one of the first and finest purveyors of the craft providing some of Ireland’s finest restaurants and cafes with bread daily.

All breads are created using age-old techniques and the finest local, organic, and seasonal ingredients available. The outgoing product is delicious, never anything less than consistently top-notch.


Unfortunately our breads are only available for delivery within in BT41 areas, unless previously agreed with Wholesome-NI.

This treat bundle is part of Wholesome-NI’s commitment to the best local produce, to see

what other superb local foods we have at Wholesome-NI check out the rest of our online shop.


To keep an eye on what Wholesome-NI are up to or see our latest products, check out our Instagram page.

Treat Bundle

  • Contains Wheat, Milk, Fish, Vinegar and Sulphites.


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