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Sperrin Blue Cheese

Named after the mountain range where this cheese is from.

This blue cheese is made from locally sourced fresh cows’ milk, and is hand made in small batches using traditional methods.


It is then aged for up to 4 months to maximise flavour before release.


Sperrin blue cheese is a semi soft, rich creamy pasteurised cow’s milk cheese with blue veining. Suitable for Vegetarians.


Winner of the GOLD Irish Food Awards 2015 and won Silver at the UK & Irish Artisan Cheese Awards 2018. 


Dart Mountain Cheese is a traditional award-winning Northern Irish artisan cheese maker based in the Sperrin mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty.


Established in June 2010 it is located near the village of Park, just below the highest peak in the Sperrin mountains - Sawel, and Dart Mountain after which it is named.


The award-winning company handcraft small batches of cheese using milk sourced from the Sperrin mountains region.


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Wholesome-NI are proud sponsors of TrekNI, check out their website for some walks in the Sperrins and discover the area where this cheese is made.

Sperrin Blue Cheese

  • 190g

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