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A Northern Ireland Food Gift full of locally made artisan products.


Mixed charcuterie platter from the award-winning Corndale farm in Limavady. This charcuterie platter is the perfect companion to any cheese board. The mixed platter includes a selection of award-winning salami’s, chorizos, and whole muscle products. The whole muscle products include Lomo, Coppa & Bresaola and comes pre sliced for your convenience.

(On occasions we may use charcuterie from Ispini, another award winning local producer). 


Decadent Oatmeal cheese biscuits from County Armagh based Ballylisk dairies.           

These cheese biscuits are made locally in small batches and come in two varieties, Traditional Cheese Biscuit or the Apple Cheese Biscuits. A perfect addition for any cheese board, these cheese biscuits work deliciously with our range of Ballylisk and other local cheeses.

Single herd white mould single cream Brie from Ballylisk, It has a full flavour balanced with salty, lemony undertones. Triple cream Brie, it is the same as the single cream Brie except it is extra creamy, and Triple cream smoked Brie. Again extra creamy and is delicately smoked using the finest beech wood, an ideal accompaniment to any cheese board.

Delicious cheeses from Dart Mountain Cheese, a traditional award-winning Northern Irish artisan cheese maker based in the Sperrin Mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty.


Sperrin blue cheese made from locally sourced fresh cows’ milk, and is hand made in small batches using traditional methods. It is then aged for up to 4 months to maximise flavour before release. Sperrin Blue is a semi soft, rich creamy pasteurised cow’s milk cheese with blue veining. Winner of the GOLD Irish Food Awards 2015 and won Silver at the UK & Irish Artisan Cheese Awards 2018. 


Tirkeeran Cheese, a superb Northern Ireland cheese, a long aged, extra hard, pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. A fantastic, unique, and delicious cheese suitable for any cheese board. Won Bronze at the UK & Irish Artisan cheese Awards 2018.


Banagher Bold, an ale washed cheese aged for 3 months minimum.                                     

Lovely and creamy with a hint of ale flavour. Winner of Gold at World Cheese Awards 2015. This handmade local cheese uses milk from grass-fed herds in the rugged Sperrin Mountains and is washed in beer from the nearby Northbound craft brewery.

*We strongly advise that cheese is left at room temperature for an hour before eating to enhance the flavour of the cheese.


Choose from one of our range of local condiments.

Delicious Farmhouse Chutney is the ideal condiment to enjoy with a cheeseboard or with cold cuts of meat. It is a chunky chutney packed with home grown vegetables that has a subtle spiciness, it is also great added to an omelette or as a dip for nachos.

Sweet Onion Relish from Sperrin Mountain based Dart Mountain. This Relish is the ideal accompaniment to enjoy with a cheeseboard. It is made with Bramley apples from County Armagh and also goes well on a nice burger off the BBQ or along with a Sourdough cheese toastie.

Balsamic Onion Jam, this goes very well stirred into a gravy to add a rich flavour, is great in sandwiches and of course with the cheese in your Northern Ireland Food Gift.

Delicious spiced balsamic Bramley apple chutney that goes perfectly with cheese and cold meats, also great with roast pork to make a rich gravy.


The outstanding Islander Rathlin kelp tapenade, it has a slightly more mellow taste than regular tapenades, yet the kelp also gives it a freshness on the tongue. Perfect for using with a starter, adding to a sandwich, or cracker, or just for a savoury boost.


Crafted on the Mourne Coast from Northern Ireland’s first bean to bar chocolatiers NearyNógs, we bring you their superb chocolate slates.

Thin slices of gluten free dark chocolate, crafted with the most refined cocoa butter and roasted with the finest ingredients for a perfect finish. These thin slices of gluten free chocolate melt on your tongue releasing delicious flavours of Raspberry & Rose, and Honeycomb.

These NearyNógs chocolates are made with single origin 60% Togo dark chocolate, are dairy and gluten free, organic, and suitable for a vegan diet.


This Northern Ireland Food Gift contains a fantastic array of local produce, sure to put a smile on any face.


All our products come from Northern Ireland, check out the rest of our online shop for more fantastic local produce.
To keep an eye on what Wholesome-NI are up to or see our latest products, check out our Instagram page.

Northern Ireland Food Gift

  • Charcuterie 60g, Chutney or Jam 200g, Ballylisk Smoked Triple Cream Cheese 130g, Ballylisk Triple Cream 130g, Ballylisk Brie 110g, Dart Mountain Blue Cheese 190g, Tirkeeran Cheese 190g, Banagher Cheese 190g, Oat Biscuits 120g, Chocolate Slates 80g, Tapenade 100g

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