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Beautifully crafted handmade mug and tea gift.

Ming porcelain is the clay of choice because of its luxurious smooth feel and radiant white colour and is designed to pool in, flow over and accentuate the throwing rings, which mark the path of the maker’s hand.

The sumptuous glazes have a vibrant depth of colour that is unrivalled and are formulated for scratch resistance so this mug and tea gift is designed to be used day in and day out.


The mugs are handmade by Mud Ireland based in County Armagh and come in a choice of 5 different glazes.

The Nimbus handmade pottery mug is a deep grey glaze inspired by the grey tones of a stormy sky.

The Atlantic Green mug is a sea green glaze inspired by the green tones of the sea on our Antrim coastline.

The Deep Red mug is a warm and intense glaze that demands attention, perfect for a loved one on Valentines day or as a Christmas present.

The Aquamarine mug is a deep copper blue glaze, inspired by the weathered Belfast skyline.

The Midnight mugs are a deep navy glaze inspired by the dark night sky.


This mug and tea gift comes with either the Suki Belfast Breakfast Tea, Suki Green Tea, or Suki Peppermint tea.

The Belfast tea is unique to Suki and is a Northern Ireland favourite. This is your perfect everyday cup of tea, made from Suki Tea’s signature blend and a black tea, combining two of the best quality whole leaf teas for a malty, bright, and full flavoured cup.


The Organic Suki Green Tea Sencha is a staple green tea for everyday use.

It is a light and fresh tea bursting with antioxidants and gives a healthy boost to your day.


The Organic Suki Peppermint tea uses whole peppermint leaves that provide you with a sharp, aromatic, cooling with every sip, this creates an incredibly fresh, purifying cup of tea.

This award-winning Suki tea is among the best peppermint teas in the world, is very popular and is a best seller.


The teas are plastic free and supplied in a compostable pyramids giving you all the convenience of a teabag with the quality and great taste of Suki loose leaf tea. It is suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians & Celiacs.


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Mug and Tea Gift

  • We do not offer returns. Please note, all of our products are packaged securely for delivery, however if there is a problem with your order, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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