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This outstanding Islander Rathlin kelp tapenade has a slightly more mellow taste than regular tapenades, yet the kelp also gives it a freshness on the tongue.


Perfect for using with a starter, adding to a sandwich or just for a savoury boost, Ingredients include kalamata black olives and kelp (Laminaria digitata – 37%). Contains brandy. Suitable for vegans.


Islander Rathlin Kelp is farmed on ropes which reach down into the unusually strong currents around Rathlin Island. The strength of these tides keeps the temperature at a constant and provides the nutrients for the kelp to flourish. This, along with the bespoke cultivation methods, allows Islander Rathlin Kelp to be grown 365 days a year.


A 100% natural process is used to preserve the Islander Rathlin kelp and thanks to a refined process that has been developed over many years the kelp is organic.


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Click the link if you want to know more about where our kelp products come from, the wonderful Rathlin Island.

Islander Rathlin Kelp Tapenade

  • 100g

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