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The treat yourself candle gift set is an ideal well-being gift for yourself or a loved one.


Lift your day with the sweet orange & ginger candle. Hand poured using coconut and soy wax, this candle has an uplifting warmth with a relaxing and refreshing scent that is perfect for brightening up your day.


Help to unwind with the cedarwood & patchouli candle. Hand poured coconut and soy wax candle with a warm, sweet, and woody scent. This creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere and gives a sense of well-being.


Luxury bath salts, handmade using pure dead sea salt and pink Himalayan salts and enriched with lavender essential oils to help bring a sense of well-being while unwinding for a good night’s sleep. Relax, restore, and create a soothing feeling with the lavender therapeutic luxury bath soak.


Ceramic mug, handcrafted giving the mug its own uniqueness. Ming porcelain is the clay of choice because of its luxurious smooth feel and radiant white colour and is designed to pool in, flow over and accentuate the throwing rings, which mark the path of the maker’s hand. The sumptuous Aquamarine glaze is a deep copper blue glaze, inspired by the weathered Belfast skyline has a vibrant depth of colour that is unrivalled and is formulated for scratch resistance and designed to be used day in and day out.


Your choice of Suki teas, ethically sourced and blended teas, herbal infusions, and fruit blends from all over the world.


Organic Suki Green Tea Sencha, a staple green tea for everyday use. Light, fresh, and bursting with antioxidants giving a healthy boost to your day.


Irish Breakfast Tea, unique to Suki and a Northern Ireland favourite.

Your perfect everyday cup of tea, made from Suki Tea’s signature blend and a black tea, combining two of the best quality whole leaf teas for a malty, bright, and full flavoured cup.


Red berry tea, a punchy, full on infusion of mixed berries, fruit & hibiscus made from natural ingredients with chunks of real fruit. Wow, a real fruit flavour from a tea, finally!


Organic Peppermint tea uses whole peppermint leaves that provide you with a sharp, aromatic, cooling with every sip, this creates an incredibly fresh, purifying cup of tea. This award-winning Suki tea is among the best peppermint teas in the world, is very popular and is a best seller.


The luxury candle gift set is an ideal well-being gift, for a loved or yourself.


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Luxury Relaxation Gift Set (Aquamarine)

  • Peppermint tea contains Peppermint.

    Red Berry tea contains Hibiscus, rosehip peels, apple bits, elderberries, blackberry leaves, natural flavour, raspberries, strawberry pieces.

    Green Tea 100% Organic Green tea.

    Belfast Brew contains Indian Assam and East African black Tea.

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