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Biscuits, Brie and Tapenade.

Choose one of the decadent Brie from county Armagh based Ballylisk dairies (unsmoked or smoked). This single herd white mould cheese with extra cream is something special.

It has a full flavour balanced with salty, lemony undertones.

Or have the same delicious cheese but delicately smoked using the finest beechwood, an ideal accompaniment to any cheese board.

This single herd white mould single cream Brie is mellow and creamy with a ripe aroma. It is a must for any cheese board and goes extremely well with the delicious balsamic chutneys and onion jam that we stock.


Decadent Oatmeal cheese biscuits also from Ballylisk dairies, go really well with the Brie and tapenade. These cheese biscuits are made locally in small batches and come in two varieties, Traditional Cheese Biscuit or the Apple Cheese Biscuits.

A perfect addition for any cheese board, these cheese biscuits work deliciously with our range of Ballylisk and other local cheeses.


This outstanding Islander Rathlin kelp tapenade has a slightly more mellow taste than regular tapenades, yet the kelp also gives it a freshness on the tongue.

A 100% natural process is used to preserve the Islander Rathlin kelp and thanks to a refined process that has been developed over many years the kelp is organic.

Perfect for using with a starter, adding to a sandwich or just for a savoury boost,


If you like this biscuit, brie and tapenade set, why not check out the Northern Ireland cheeses that we also have in stock.         


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Brie and Tapenade

  • Single Brie 110g or Triple Brie 130g

    Biscuits 150g

    Tapenade 100g

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