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Ballylisk Single Rose Brie

A decadent Single Cream Brie from County Armagh based Ballylisk dairies.


This single herd white mould single cream Brie is mellow and creamy with a ripe aroma.

It is a must for any cheese board and goes extremely well with the delicious balsamic cranberry chutney that we stock.


The Wright family have been farming their land near Portadown for generations. Uniquely, the company only processes milk produced on the farm which is just a few miles down the road from where the cheese is made.                   


Ballylisk cheese is part of a food chain which begins and ends on their farm. The grass is eaten by their pedigree cows and their milk makes the cheese. Therefore, the team has total control over its entire operation, from ‘farm to fork’. All produce is branded ‘Ballylisk of Armagh’.


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Ballylisk Single Rose Brie Cheese

  • 110g

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