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Kick off your grilling season with this perfect chill and grill bundle containing Burger sauce, Barbeque sauces, Steak rub and a hot Jalapeno Relish all from award winning Northern Ireland producers.


Burren Balsamic Burger Sauce:

Gourmet burger sauce made with our White Balsamic Condiment to add depth to its flavour. Use Balsamic Burger Sauce to up your homemade burger game - a perfect combo with fresh brioche buns and juicy burgers on the grill.


The Letterbox Larder Balsamic Beef Seasoning:

A savoury mix of balsamic, herbs and spices. Ideal for any red meat that you wish to barbecue. Also adds a real depth of flavour into a casserole, or your gravy for Sunday dinner.


The Meat Merchant, Sticky Hickory BBQ Sauce:

A classic sweet & smoky Sauce from the Meat Merchant. A great all-rounder for any Barbeque, perfect for grilled classics like pork, beef and chicken. An irresistible balance of sweet, piquant, savoury, smoke and spice.



Smokin’ Yankees Apple & Whiskey BBQ Sauce:

Bottled barbeque excellence from the legendary Northern Ireland Smokin' Yankees team. A complex sauce with layers of apple & whiskey flavours, balanced sweetness and a gentle heat. Add as a glaze near end of cooking chicken, pork, seafood, or vegetables or enjoy as a sauce for your burger, chicken wings or ribs.


Erne Larder Fiery Jalapeno Relish:

A fresh and fiery relish using a generous quantity of peppers for a "holy jalapeno" kick.

One of a range of unique quality preserves created by Northern Ireland chef Declan O'Donoghue the Enniskillen based artisan preserve business Erne Larder.

An unmistakably hot relish that will liven up any BBQ, pizza, wrap or bap!


Delicious BBQ essentials locally produced, sure to be a talking point around your grill.

Ideal gift for any budding grill expert, or for sitting round the table with friends and family or for relaxing with on a lazy weekend afternoon.


If you like our chill and grill bundle check out the local oils and balsamics we supply which are ideal with a barbeque. 


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BBQ Grill & Chill Pack

  • Balsamic Burger Sauce 280ml

    Balsamic Beef Seasoning 50g

    The Meat Merchant, Sticky Hickory BBQ Sauce 275g

    Smokin’ Yankees Apple & Whiskey BBQ Sauce 280g

    Fiery Jalapeno Relish 200g

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