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Chocolate & Peanut butter gluten free gift.

We have combined NearyNógs and Taste Joy for a delicious treat.

Delicious locally made Artisan Peanut Butter from North Coast based Taste Joy.

This super-nutritious peanut butter is perfect as a snack on toast, with a piece of fruit, or added to a smoothie. And for all you fit people out there have it as a pre-workout snack, on a bagel with sliced banana.

It comes double roasted crunchy, double roasted smooth or in dark chocolate and orange flavour. This peanut butter is also made with no palm oil, it is vegan friendly, and is also naturally gluten free.


Crafted on the Mourne Coast from Northern Ireland’s first bean to bar chocolatiers NearyNógs, we bring you their superb chocolate slates.

Thin slices of gluten free dark chocolate, crafted with the most refined cocoa butter and roasted with the finest ingredients for a perfect finish. These thin slices of gluten free chocolate melt on your tongue releasing delicious flavours of Raspberry & Rose, and Honeycomb.

These NearyNógs chocolates are made with single origin 60% Togo dark chocolate, are dairy and gluten free, organic, and suitable for a vegan diet.



If you like this product, check out the other gluten free options that we have in stock.     


Check out the Causeway coast where this delicious Taste Joy peanut butter is made, it is an area that is really worth a visit. Don't forget to bring some delicious chocolate to help you on your way.

Chocolate & Peanut butter

  • Peanuts, Dark chocolate(Cocoa mass (min 70%), sugar, cocoa), Ground nut oil (Peanut), sunflower oil, Orange zest, sugar, Raepeed oil, salt.

    Cacao beans, Raw cane sugar, Cocao butter, Rose petals, Raspberry, Honeycomb (Sugar, Water, Invert sugar, Bicarbonate soda).

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